People and Horses at IB

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Here are some shots of the fun people and horses you can meet at IB Stables

Morgan and Memeto Mori (Ace) chilling out

The foals are all here and the mares are bred for next year.

Bill and I are booking our shows to judge for the summer.

Robbie and Morgan have been my ranch hands this summer. I am so proud of what we have been able to get done this year with their help. They are great kids to be associated with.

Eric and Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean is the kids favorite and we think Eric is fond of her too. Jelly Bean and Iris have a unique relationship when it comes time to clip for a show as well.

Norah had so many great experiences showing to lead the nation in leadline this year, including getting to lead Rose on Killer!

Tattoo Chex Aka Sammy with Norma and Jenny. Sammy is a WorldChampion Appaloosa Reiner. He and Norma have formed a great bond.

We had a great time at the IB Specialty show in March. Everyone got to try Rope Race and Steer daubing.

Spike playing with his friend Reily.

Jose is the man!

Reserve World Champions in Ladies Heritage!

Robbie Pratt and Night Flash have become a team.

Ryland and the new foals!

Harley and his new person Jenna!.

Strawberry and Morgan .

Tonekka has a smile for everyone and we all enjoy her company. Tonekka and her horse Double Dip Chip are currently Top 5 in the Nation in Masters Western Pleasure!

I love this guy!

Jenny Bradley and Cowboy. Is she kissing him?

Robbie and Tex. I told them to look up not go up!

Audra showing at the Tom Powers Futuirty

We make a habit of collecting these.

What we do when it is hot. Spike is in the middle of everything

Iris and Spike

John and Rylan Bradley in leadline. Not really current but I like the picture anyway

MA Ultraviolet, Iris's World Champion Appaloosa Reining mare, now speed/cattle horse.

With Roxie in Texas

Gunny is retired to Stud! What a life!