Rider/Handler instruction

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We like to teach true horsemen here. It starts with how to care for the horses and goes from there. We teach the young and the not so young. We have group and private lessons but most are group. Prices are: Group $50, $75 1/2 hour private. We also occasionaly offer camps at $125 per day.

We start kids as young as 5 years old. We have horses proven and suitable for beginners to advanced riders. Most of the school horses are retired National and World Champions, Many have been with us for their entire lives, are in their twenties and still going strong.

We do make some exceptions on the age. Rylan was only three years old and started out taking a short ride after her Dad's ride. Now she takes her own lessons.

We do love the stock horses and Appaloosas in particular because they make such good family horses.

Even the five years olds are expected to groom and pick hooves before and after they ride.

Hayley stands on a step so she can get to the top.

We teach all seats beginner through advanced.

Some students like to compete and we do too. Tara Wolf started with a two year old gelding, City Boy, that she bought from us several years ago. We trained him together and she has gone on to be Top ten at the Nationals five years in a row in Showmanship, Western and Hunt Seat events, including jumping

Don't let age or style of riding stop you, We are all inclusive.

Some students like the challenge of bareback and once they have a good seat established we encourage that. I like to say "You don't ride the saddle, you ride the horse"

Our clinics and Camps are fun and adventurous.

At the camps, we explore all things about horses and maybe donkeys too. Many of our regular students attend to expand what they have learned in hourly lessons. Some bring their own show horses and we might add a new event to what they are already doing.

We like to work with the showing students more one on one for more advanced skills.

Audra is helping Jenny work with her horse Cowboy on trail and advanced manurvering.

Many times what starts as a child taking lessons becomes a family activity.

We have a climate controled observation room for the arena but most parents like to hang out at the gate so they too can hear the instructions. 

We ride rain or shine in our 200 x 80 indoor arena. It is big enough to practice all types of riding and obstacles.

We also have two smaller 40 x 40 pens for those that are intimidated with the large area.

We also like to ride out in the open. We frequently take students out to the hay field, woods or trails

The show horses and riders enjoy getting out of the arena for a relaxing ride in addition to the regiment of the arena.

Some of our instruction takes place at the shows as well as at home.

Show coaching might involve talking over patterns, when to get ready, how to prepare the horse for competion and advice on show clothing.

Those that show with us are typically Students with the horse in training. We also show open horses for those that do not wish to do it themselves.

We can use all types of instruction, verbal, demonstations, pictures in the sand or even videos if necessary. What ever it takes!

We do teach horses and riders with other than stock horse breeds as well.

Jenny and Pazazz (Arabian) qualified for the Sport Horse National Championships under Rose's guidance. Jenny and Pazazz are now riding at 4th level dressage under Iris's guidance.