IB Bred speed horses

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This page is for the speed horses we have bred at IB. In the past few years at the National Championships, many of the Youth and open games classes have had up to 3 horses we have bred in the Top Ten.

Breeding great games horses is no small feat. It involves many years of breeding, raising and training. We don't start our games horse on patterns until they are 4 years old. Many of these horses are from three generations of World and National Champions. They love to run and turn. They have also proven to be great for beginners young and old.

Cowboys Paradise

Cowboy was actually bred to be a pleasure horse but he prefers to run. He won the National Championship in Rope Race and was Reserve World Champion High Point Games horse in 2012. He won the National in Rope Race this year and comes back every year to win for his owners, the Bradley family.

Sudden Death 1981 World Champion Nez Perce Stakes Race

1981 was just the start of Mona's showring greatness. She won 31 National or World Championship for 5 different riders. She also produced six bronze Medallion winners and her babies and grand babies are still winning.

Charge A Buck 20 time National or World Champion

Buck carried every one of us, Sndyers to a World Championship and more. He taught many more people to ride and run games classes. He is Happily retired now.

Kiss Of Death Silver Medallion Winner Several times high point games horse at Natioanls And Worlds.

Kiss is out of Sudden Death by My Brightest Hope. She Won her bronze Medallion in distance riding and her Silver in Halter. She has been second in Keyhole, Rope Race, Fig 8, Poles and Barrels so many times I have lost count. A win would have made her a Gold Medallion winner. She has won the high point games horse award three times at the Nationals or Worlds. She is living her days in happy retirement now, but her genetics pass on through her daughters.

Eyes Of Death Many time National Champion

Eyes Of Death owned by the Miller Family of Arizona is out of Sudden Death. She came back year after year to win at the National Championships. Her only foal Eye B The Death of U continues the Death horse tradition of winning championships.

Death Wish Silver Medallion Winner x 2.

Killer is out of Sudden Death by My Brightest Hope. Killer has won Steer Daubing,Rope Race and Pole Bending at the Worlds and Nationals. He has also been high point FPD Gelding twice. He was the high point Games horse at the Nationals in 2009. He has over $15,000 in lifetime money earnings to date.

Death Threat owned once again by IB teaches the next generation of Appaloosa competitors the games classes.

Dances With Death Many time Youth World Champion and high point Games horse

Dances With Death owned by Hannah Huq have won at the Youth Worlds for 4 years now. He lead the Nation in 13 and under Poles, Fig.8 and Keyhole in 2009. He is also a Silver Medallion winner in Arena performance. He won his Bronze in Distance riding. He is a great example of horses that have gone through our training program and keep right on winning for the new owner after the sale.

Last Rites

Falon Thoman and Princess won Barrels at Harrisburg in May and have a bright future in store for themselves.  Falon and Princess 2010 top ten in 13 and under barrels, poles, keyhole and fig 8! Rose and Princess top ten open keyhole. Fallon and Princess lead the Nation in 2013 in 14 - 18 games classes. Princess has come home to live out her days teaching the next group of kids the speed classes.

Dead Ringer

Rigner is carring on the death horse line. She produced a beautiful filly in 2012 and is pregant for 2013 to A Lad N Magic. She earned points in barrels and poles at only a few shows before her placement in the broodmare band.


The Game Horse     by Tony Schwader

He was tied to the trailer out behind the stands

a blaze-face sorrel gelding. roughly 15 hands

High withers. Slightly ewe- necked, back a little swayed,

white hairs on his muzzle, eyes sunk in with age

An old warrior with his best years long since gone away

left here baby-sitting at a small-town horse play-day


Watched over by her parents, a young girl kissed the horse;

they coached her on the fine points and wished her luck, of cource.

He hardly seemed to notice when the small girl took his lead;

he followed without balking but not with any speed.

She climbed on and walked him round some, he went without a fuss;

his head was down, the reins were slack, his feet dragged in the dust.


When they called her name his ears pricked up, she sat up in her seat;

trotting to the gate there was a new lightness in his feet.

When they got into the alley he flared his nostrils wide,

picked up the bit and arched his neck, she latched on for the ride.

She let him go and as they went the years melted away.

and he was once again the barrel horse he'd been in yonger days.


With eyes on fire and muscles bunched, raw power in his stride,

blazing speed and energy wrapped in his hide.

He had chased the cans from Cheyenne to the Calgary Stampede,

from Amarillo to Salinas, he had lived the game horse creed;

"Run to live, Live to Run," It was printed in his genes,

from nose to tail his big heart pumped blue blood through his veins.


Coming through the pattern they touched the last can some;

it was still up on it's edge when they were half way home.

When she asked him for a little, he gave all he had;

the barrel stood, the run was good and the time was not too bad

When she pulls the saddle he's an old horse once again,

but while he's running barrels, he's all he's ever been.


So here's to that old gamer-- may our golden years like his

be filled with golden moments and glorious memories,

Of races run and races won, of places that we've been,

And someone who will need us for what we still can do-

may our needs be small, our wants be less, and our troubles be but