Death Wish

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Death Wish, fondly known as Killer, has unofficially qualified for the ApHC Hall Of Fame

Killer is our 3rd generation to qualify for the ApHC Hall Of Fame. We bred his grandmother, Bendi Charge and his Mother, Sudden Death into the Hall Of Fame by producing the required number of Medallion winners from each mare. Both mares are two of the top producing mares of all time for Appaloosa medallion winners. Killer, being a gelding, has quailifed by winning 14 Bronse Medallions. He has also earned 3 Silver Medallions to date and could possibly end the 2015 year with more! He has earned over 2,000 points and many non medallion championships titles.

Killer is an FPD gelding and has recieved his Superior Event Title in Halter with over 100 points in FPD Geldings. He also has over 70 Most colorful halter points.

It is rare to find a horse that has this level of Halter competitveness and performance ability.

Killer, Rose Snyder and Spur.

Even though Rose and Killer were the altimate team and won most of his medallions together, He also won with Iris, Audra and Bill Snyder.

He was High Point Games Horse at multiple Appaloosa National And World Championships.

He has won over $20,000 in his life time at various competions against Appaloosas and other breeds. He is much more than a speed horse though. He has won at Extreme trail competions and has points in nearly every event offered at an Appaloosa show!

Death Wish-- Pole Bending

Pole Bending or Nez Perse Stakes is one of his Superior Events. He has over 250 points in this one event.

Death Wish-- Hunter Hack

Not one of his strongest events but he does have an ROM in it and always gave it his best effort.

Two Time National Champion Steer Daubing

Killer Steer Stopping a the American Ranch Horse World Championships. He was high point horse at the show with over 300 points against all stock breeds!

Death Wish -- Keyhole

Another one of his Superior Event Classes

Killer-- Trail

This is one of my favorite pictures of him. I think it captures his confidence in himself and personality.

Killer and my orginal 1860's Surrey

The only horse I trust to pull my orginal 1860's surrey.

Killer swimming with Rose

Killer is so much more than a great show horses. He is incredibly intelligent, trust worthy in any situation, kind, forgiving, ambitious, intuitive and wise. He has never said no to anything we've asked.

High Plains High Point horse

Killer can be winning at the highest levels of competition on the weekend and swimming, chasing chickens, or what ever we asked the next day.

Killer has won a Championship at every major show he has competed at!

Death Wish-- one of many high points