Rehab, Conditioning and Training Services

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We have added rehabilitation and conditioning servicves to our lineup.

We are getting amazing results with the Equi-Vibe plate. The technology was developed by NASA for the astronounts. We have seen immediate results in improved hoof quailty and growth. It has helped our older horses by reducing aches and pains and increasing mobility. We use it before chiropractic adjustments which makes the adjustments easier and hold longer. It has reduced the need for joint injections on the high performance horses. My Mom (she is 70 years old) has been getting bone density testing for the last 4 years without out any change, her last one improved by .2 after only 3 months of use of the Vibe therapy.

The Equi-Vibe plate

The horses and the dogs love it.

The Treadmill has long been a staple for conditioning horses at IB.

The treadmill is more aggressive than the Vibe Plate and we use it for conditioning and fitting horses for performance and halter work.

The treadmill requires a daily increase in time worked and speed.

Most of our great performance horses recieve part of their training routines on the treadmill and Equi-Vibe. We also offer colt starting, galloping/trotting, hauling, daily medications, Hand walking, Turnout; all by professional Trainers.

We believe this will help our performance horses perform longer and more comfortably.

Reserch has shown that it increases joint mobility and flexability.

Speeds recovery time including Suspensory Injuries, Navicular, and Founder.

Stalled horses maintain muscle mass and increase bone density

It is a whole body treatment

 Manages aches and pains

Decreases swelling and inflamation

Heals from the inside out

Zero impact, any horse can use it

Regular use conditions and reduces injuries.

Promotes circulation which aides the healing process.

Treadmilling builds those muscles and increases stamina.

Our staff is well trained on the use of this equipment and we routinely consult with our veternarians as well.

200x80 Insulated Indoor arena allows us to work comfortably year round

Stalls are cleaned 7 days per week, deep bedded with sawdust on a rubber mat floor over clay dirt. Auto-matic waterers in all stalls and turnout areas.