Iris and Bill Snyder

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The Snyders, Bill and Iris

    IB Stables opened in 1977 with the marriage of Iris and Bill Snyder. Thirty five years later, we have bred two mares into the Appaloosa Hall Of Fame and trained, coached, shown or bred over 200 National/ World or International Champions. I stopped counting after that, the only one that really matters is the next one. I have been honored to judge the Appaloosa Youth World Championships. We have introduced hundreds of people to their first horse and or horse show.

    We met at an Appaloosa horse Show in 1974. We have built an incredible facility on 100 acres of Indiana farm ground. We are thankfull to all of the customers over the years that have helped us to build what we have today. We are also happy that many of them are still here to enjoy it with us. I now teach and train the children of my former students.

    We are very proud of our two daughters, Rose and Audra, which we have raised in the rich atmosphere of the horse show world. They are now joining us in our business. You can read about them in the following pages.

    Bill and I grew up with horses and have seen the world of horse ownership change dramaticly over the years. We like to think our family offers the best of the old and the new ways. 

    Bill got his Appaloosa judges card in 1985. He also has the International Buckskin Card. I got my Buckskin card in 1999, my Pinto card in 2002 and my Appaloosa card in 2005. Now that the girls can take care of things at home, we like to judge more often and together. By traveling together we can save the show committees expenses when they hire us.

   Judging and horse showing has taken us to wonderful places and given us fantastic opportunities to see horses and to meet interesting people. We have been to Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe not to mention all over the United States in acitivites related to the horses. We feel very blessed.

    These days, we both have the luxury of riding only the horses that we are truely interested in. I do a lot of training from the ground, by advising riders on what to do with the horse to improve it's way of going or behavior. We really like working with our colts and doing the ground work on all horses for Rose and Audra. I love teaching and coaching riders and watching the new horses develope into champions.

    I enjoy helping people choose the right horse in the first place. Bill and I both like advising them on how to set up their own farms and barns. I go to Congress and other major events every year to shop for clients and to stay up on all the latest trends. 

    Bill and I are very activitly involved in breeding a few outstanding mares. We are completely committed to the improvement of the Appaloosa breed with specialized selection of pedigrees that includes the great lines of the past crossed to proven winners of today.